Chris Mager

Christopher (Chris) Mager

Broker-Salesperson, REALTOR®

In Loving Memory of Chris

Our hearts and lives are forever changed as we are saddened to announce Chris’ passing in June 2019. We leave Chris’ profile to hold space and honor his legacy. Please contact Brie for further assistance.

Born in the desolate wasteland that is the midwest, Chris knew early that a life amongst the corn and cows wasn’t in his future. While matriculating at the University of Illinois (go Illini!), he felt the urge to serve, both his country and its people. So with resolve and a bit of daring, Chris enlisted as an Infantryman in the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, the United States Marine Corps.

His career cut short by a tragic training injury, Chris relocated to the great state of Nevada, and Las Vegas, where he has resided for most of the last 20 years (there’s a whole midwest chapter here that really should never see the light of day, so it won’t), Chris worked his way from a lowly pizza delivery driver, up to the General manager of numerous restaurants, including Fatburger’s flagship Las Vegas Strip store, as well as The Melting Pot in Chesterfield, MO, and back down to a server at The Melting Pot of Las Vegas (better hours, better pay, and ZERO responsibility).

While buying their first house, Chris and Briana realized there HAD to be a better way. Frankly, their agent sucked, the agent on the other side sucked, everything was just one big bag of yuck. Knowing he didn’t suck, and having a huge skill set in customer service, like a light shining down from a UFO before it beams you up for the “exploratory cavity search” that extraterrestrials seem to be entirely WAY to fascinated with (clearly, Steven Speilberg left out a few choice moments when he was editing E.T.), the idea formed in Chris’ head…You should help people buy and sell real estate!

Putting his extensive customer service skills honed from years in the restaurant industry to a samurai sword sharpness (diffusing many, MANY “Can I talk to your manager” situations), as well as awesome negotiation skills (Again…”Can I talk to your manager?” No Susan, no you can’t) Chris has been helping both sellers and buyers get great deals all over the valley.

While primarily working with sellers to get them the most money for their home as possible, Chris also enjoys beating up listing agents and getting awesome deals for his buyer clients.

When not engaging in verbal Judo with agents who are no match for Chris’ intellect, charm, and absolute command of the concept of death by a thousand tiny, little (verbal) cuts, Chris enjoys those manly, American past times like grilling, shooting, watching football, drinking whiskey, growing manly facial hair, and playing with puppies. Blessed with an amazing wife, and three beautiful children, Chris loves spending time with his daughters, watching their extra curricular activities, camping, hiking, and spending time outdoors with them. Chris is much less happy with dealing with the moody pre-teenism’s, but realizes that it’s just part of the ride.

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